Saturday, July 17, 2010

Recipe - Late Spring-Early Summer Easy Tomato Sauce

I've made this one a few times now after discovering wonderful garlic scapes at a local market. They are the shoots from the tops of garlic that have a milder flavour than garlic cloves. However, their time is short, so out of season, I suppose you could substitute 1/2 the quantity of minced cloves.

4 Garlic scapes (or 2 minced cloves)
5 Ripe field tomatoes
1/2-2 tbsp Hot sauce
pinch of salt
1 1/2 tbsp Olive oil

Boil a pot of water big enough to cover all the tomatoes. Cut up garlic scapes into small pieces (I lay them down and shave off pieces about 1/2 width and 2-3 inches long, rotating sides to get lots of exposed cut area) and saute in large pan over medium-high. while they are frying, remove stems from tomatoes and boil for 30 seconds-1 minute (when skin becomes loose.) drop tomatoes in cool water and remove skins. Cube tomatoes into large chunks and add to pan, lower head to medium-low. When tomatoes start breaking down, add hot sauce and salt.
Sauce is done when tomatoes are completely broken up.

Tomato Sauce w/ Garlic Scapes

Serve over grilled kabobs or Tofu or whatever else you'd like!

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