Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Record a Week: Joy Division - She's Lost Control/Atmosphere Single



To try and catch up on last week's record that I missed, I decided I would listen to it while on the treadmill. This is before I pulled the record off the shelf and saw it was Joy Division. Nevertheless, I stuck with it (Jog Division). The downside, besides the obvious mismatch in tempo, is the fact that each song is under five minutes and that really halts any pace you get going.

I will say that the one side was definitely more upbeat than the other, though I think I may have switched the order. Neither side had the pace of the 'Sawtooth Indie' playlist on Songza, which is what I usually run to.

Anyhow, the record was beautiful and haunting with the same emotional singing and lyrics from Ian Curtis. The one side is the haunting atmospheric (Atmosphere), with vocals that made me think I had the speed set incorrectly. Once I got past that, it was a piece that was equally beautiful and depressing. The other side (She's Lost Control) is, as mentioned, more upbeat. The singing does not sound as much like he's pushing the floor of his vocal range and the drumming is almost hypnotic. I haven't had the most exposure to Joy Division, but this record made me understand the hype now. It's
not a thing I can immerse myself in, but the pieces are there for music that can pull you in deep.

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