Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Record a Week: Claude Bolling/Maurice Andre - Toot Suite

I - ALLEGRE (C Trumpet)
II - MYSTIQUE (E-Flat Trumpet)
III - RAG-POLKA (B-Flat cornet)

IV - MARCHE (B-Flat Piccolo Trumpet)
V - VESPERALE (B-Flat Flugelhorn)
VI - SPIRITUELLE (B-Flat Piccolo Trumpet)

Unless you have a real musician's ear, it is not often that you know what key every song on an album is in. Two-thirds of this album is in B-Flat, which, save for the Rag-Polka, they use to create a sad or melancholy feel.

These two french musicians have both had long and illustrious careers, each working with and/or inspiring all of the famous musicians of their instrument. On this album they come together to create an album that is a little bit sad story, a little bit funny Family Guy montage and a little bit Mad About You theme song. (I actually don't remember that particular theme song, but for some unknown reason a part of this record made me think of that)

The two musicians will start off playing complimentary parts, then they will go on a tangent playing counterpoint parts, then bring it back together playing identical parts. The effect this produces is a sort of controlled chaos that is quite interesting. No doubt their talent allows them to go off in any direction and be able to pull it all in when necessary. This talent is one that any musician who solos needs to possess to be able to lay it all out and be able to get back to a verse or chorus by a specific bar or beat. It is quite obvious that these two have a complete mastery of that talent and it makes for a great listen.

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