Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Movie Review: Sidewalls (Medianeras)

Sidewalls [Medianeras] (2011)
Starring: Javier Drolas, Pilar López de Ayala

Sidwalls follows two lonely, Martin and Mariana, who live in buildings opposite each other. The title refers to the side walls of the tall buildings in Buenos Aires, which are blank boring walls that are often home to large, faded adverts and illegally installed windows for the apartments within. The walls parallel the 'everything in between' part of life, which for many can be dull and boring. The two characters hardly ever leave their apartments and seem destined not to meet until a random act brings them together.

This movie had a bunch of mini-themes, which I liked for two reasons. None of them were so big that they either had to be the root of the whole movie, or a red herring, they were just nice little plot lines. Secondly, they kept you involved in the movie in a cute and interesting way, without being annoying. They also found a way to make you root for two generally unlikable characters. Not perfect and wasn't particularly good quality in the picture, so I'll give it a 7.25/10.

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